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Current Brazilian regulation stops FTTH growth

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  • Current Brazilian regulation stops FTTH growth

    Nelson Saito, Technical Manager of the Japanese Furukawa pointed out that Brazil "has fallen very much behind" in the deployment of FTTH networks, a situation that might change if Bill 116, which at present is being discussed in Senate and enables telephone companies to render IPTV services, were passed. "The companies will invest only if they can offer their clients video services", he pointed out.

    According to the executive, FTTH user base in the country only includes subscribers of Telef?nica, which renders IPTV services through the operator TVA. As compared to other Latin American countries, Saito mentioned that Brazil is more delayed than Chile and at the same level of Argentina, which is facing regulatory problems that ban such technology overcrowding. But, according to the local media, there are 40 million FTTx users in Asia and the Pacific, 6,8 million users in North America and 2,3 million users in Europe.

    According to Saito, the lack of competition provoked such delay. The executive believes that Portugal Telecom entrance in Oi will increase investments in the area. In that sense, Pedro Ripper, Oi Director of Technology Development and Strategy, has recently informed that the company will return to its IPTV project with the purpose of rendering state-of-art services such as VOD, HD and 3D.

    Saito considered that FTTx technology should also be included in the plans of the cities where Soccer World Cup games will be held in Brazil in 2014. So far, Curitiba, in the south of the country, is the only city carrying out its bidding process for the acquisition of optic fiber.

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