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Bell Canada launches Fibe TV

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  • Bell Canada launches Fibe TV

    Bell Canada has officially launched its new IPTV service 'Fibe TV', offering premium content (including HD titles), interactive features and whole home PVR capabilities.

    The new service is initially being made available in select neighbourhoods in Toronto and Montréal, delivered over the telco's fibre-based network and powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom middleware platform. Fibe TV is expected to be available to 5mn Canadian households by the end of 2015. The service is described as being complementary to Bell Canada's exiting satellite TV service, which currently has nearly 2mn customers.

    At launch, the service offers over 100 high-definition channels, as well as more than 70 international channels and over 20 thematic packages, with every standard-definition channel also coming with the HD version at no extra charge. The VOD library has more than 1,000 titles in both standard- and high-definition quality, as well as subscription VOD services for premium content from channels such as TMN, MPIX and HBO.

    The Whole Home PVR feature connects all receivers in the home and allows users to record up to 100 hours of HD content or 250 hours of SD content, as well as record up to four programmes simultaneously. The Remote PVR feature will also be made available shortly, allowing customers to manage their recordings from any computer with Internet access, or directly from select smartphones.

    Bell Canada has stated that it aims to become the country's largest TV provider by 2015, and is investing billions of dollars in its fibre, satellite and wireless broadband networks in order to deliver the most extensive TV services possible. The telco announced very recently that it plans to acquire Canadian media company CTV, in order to ensure that customers have access to quality sports, news and entertainment content across television, mobile and PC screens.

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