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DM 7080HD كل مايتعلق بدريم DM7080HD من صور وتطوير وشروحات وتطبيقات , دعم جهاز دريم بوكس DM 7080HD

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مواصفات جهاز DM7080 HD Specification , DM7080 HD

!*! New Info !*!

* 1,5 GHz
* echter Dual Core Quad Thread CPU
* erste 1080P Transcoding Box !

* 1,5 GHz
* real Dual Core Quad Thread CPU
* first 1080p Transcoding Box !

أقرأ ايضا .. قد يعجبك :

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ضع تعليق باستخدام حساب الفيس بوك

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DM7080 DM8000 as successor in the wings - Gigabit Ethernet, Ghz CPU , USB 3.0 and more!

From non-public sources , it was confirmed that this is not a fake, but actually the next Dreambox model. In addition, it should come on within the next few weeks on the market.

But now first there is the Dreambox blog a detailed insight into the new features of the DM7080 .

40nm and 7000 DMIPS
This innovation relates to the built- in processor the Dreambox . While there is no exact statement in the video to which processor it really is - 40nm and 7000 DMIPS only say something about the speed and design of the processor . But it is relatively close to that of , as with its predecessors already to Broadcom architecture must act. This upcoming processors are already severely restricted in question. A look at the latest Broadcom products leads to the conclusion that it must be either BCM7435 .

This processor comes with a variety of very interesting features , which we will consider in detail here and can be found in the original on the part of the manufacturer .

So it is a dual core CPU that can process two threads , with 7000 DMIPS . In DMIPS is a benchmark that tells about the performance of the processor , and may in fact be even more meaningful than a Ghz specification.

Especially smartphone and tablet users will not have to transcode on the possibility of even high-definition programs in real time - this allows you to stream high-definition programs , if the bandwidth is not sufficient and / or the device does not support high resolutions. All this is done at the hardware level and is certainly supported by Enigma2 . Thus, additional software had to run in the past on a powerful computer is completely unnecessary .

While it seems as if the hype is a little asleep at 3D TVs . Nevertheless, the new processor is probably brings new opportunities for the design of three-dimensional user interfaces and games. Of these, for example, could benefit new Enigma2 - Skins , provided that this feature has been implemented in accordance with the system.

Particularly exciting is obviously implemented in DRM features .
It seems as if requests from rights holders could be met with the new hardware, if the corresponding features are implemented in Enigma2 . It should be particularly emphasized that not necessarily use must be taken of these features . There are only optional features that are supported by the processor architecture . That this also so flows into Enigma2 , is by no means certain and likely to be classified as extremely unlikely.

1080p and HDMI 1.4a
In accordance with the new processor, which also handles the video encoding and video output at the hardware level , the DM7080 can now not only play in 1080p, but also scale to 1080p high. This can , depending on the TV in a better image quality result , as the Dreambox assumes the scaling both to the greater resolution and on frames.

In addition, the DM7080 brings , as indicated above, an advanced 3D compatibility . Support is now the HDMI 1.4a standard . This is a special 3D broadcast standard for movies and games, in particular also provides enough bandwidth. In conjunction with the very high computing power of the DM7080 can be assumed that high-resolution 3D movies can be played back with ease , without being somewhere be a bottleneck or poor performance and this is now officially supported by legend .

Gigabit Ethernet
When Gigabit Ethernet is a particularly fast network connection at ,
Especially important is a fast network connection , such as when recordings are made ​​on a network drive instead of internal hard drive. But the streaming of high- definition programming - especially when multiple streams simultaneously - takes a lot of bandwidth and resources.

With Serial ATA ( SATA) is called the interface from the Dreambox and the motherboard to the hard drive. Here are SATA3 a more accurate statement about the theoretical maximum data throughput of this interface .
In the previous Dreambox models SSDs have not yet been really busy , including also because of the interface. So it should be over now but : SATA3 is quite fast and is great to tie faster disks .

USB 3.0
The same applies for the connection of external hard drives. Stand far only USB 2.0.

As with the DM7080 a significantly faster processor is used and the associated hardware , of course a faster interface for external storage media must be found. With USB 3.0 is so receptive to the current standard.

In the past, to small flash memory Dreambox was very often complained to legend , the revised versions of some Dreambox models has published that contained enough flash memory.
Now, however, seems legend embark on a new path. The new DM7080 supports eMMC .

So it should now be no need for flash extensions. Should be released in the future Images and programs for the Dreambox should no longer fit into the existing flash memory, this now seems to be without any tinkering must be expandable .

BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
A particularly interesting and practical plugins should consider the Partnership with BLE by itself . At BLE is a new Bluetooth standard is not only for the transmission of data, but also to network devices ,

With BLE , for example, plug-ins could be developed that can detect on the basis of in the area in ascending devices (of course with activated BLE also ) which user is in the room and then maybe adjust the skin accordingly, or automatically changes to the favorite channel.

About BLE can be the way any kind of media files and easily transfer and it is supported by all modern smartphones and tablets.

New flagship with 4 tuners
Following the cessation of production of the DM8000 , which we have reported in the Dreambox blog here , the outcry was a little large and many have wished for a worthy successor . This is exactly the DM7080 - although it is likely this is not act to Goliath , but it is quite a new device that not only exceeds the DM8000 by far , but also the competition is left to stand in the shade.

Are supported , as in the DM8000 already up to four tuner two of which are firmly attached ( in this case it should be , as it was already well to DVB -S2 tuner act ) . In addition, there are two slots that can be populated with compatible tuners , such as DVB -C or DVB -T, or two more

DVB-S2 tuner.
[ Update: As have correctly noted some users , only three tuners are on the above video to see . In one of the three visible on the video tuners but it is a Twin Tuner DVB -S2 , and , as usual, by the DM7020HD and DM8000 , there are still two additional tuner slots are available that can be configured as desired . Practical support the box , therefore a total of 4 tuners. ]
Enigma2 and OpenGL

It is interesting to look at the software to the DM7080 . As it can be seen easily only on the above link to video , the DM7080 runs with Enigma2 . The advantage of this is great: all users are familiar with the operating system already and there are a very large selection of plug-ins , themes, and other extensions. With the new computing power and resources HbbTV and the Web browser should now be very fast, almost as on a desktop computer used to. Make both programs and core features of Enigma2 should now be fun !

The abundant computing power could also suggest that there will be a new Enigma2 version with OpenGL support . This would allow visualizations and graphical user interfaces , as they are known by computers. These include stunning effects , as well as the ability to process certain graphics. The possibilities are virtually open here .

Of course, can also be assumed on the basis of the installed CPU and other components that the DM7080 is equipped with plenty of RAM and flash memory, so it is in this case not be a bottleneck .

Launch of the new DM7080
About the launch , there is no official information , where it can be assumed that it will be in the near future as far . In addition, nothing is known about the price , this can only be speculated . Only if the Dreambox is also officially confirmed by legend and a press release will appear first statements about the price are to be taken .

A look at the components, especially the new CPU , OpenGL support and overall fully stocked Dreambox , lets talk hopes emerge . The fact that the Dreambox is characterized but to settle in the upper price range , would be obvious at this point. Regarding the size of the DM7080 should be between the video after the DM800se and DM7020HD .
We will keep you in the Dreambox blog of course up to date! As soon as there will be new information about the new flagship of legend , there is a corresponding item in a timely manner .

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New Video from Dreamscreencast:

DM7080 HD Rescue Loader

مواصفات جهاز DM7080 HD Specification , DM7080 HD
مواصفات جهاز DM7080 HD Specification , DM7080 HD

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مواصفات جهاز DM7080 HD Specification , DM7080 HD

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