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Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, October 28, 2012 - Weekly Horoscope 28/10/2012

All Signs

On the weekend before Halloween, costumed partygoers will not only be adjusting masks and imaginative paraphernalia, they'll have to deal with the tension leading up to Monday's Full Moon. (Some Full Moons are easier than others but this ain't one of them.) Saturn opposes this Full Moon making things look worse than they are. (Pessimism will be rampant.) And Mercury is at odds with Neptune, which promotes confusion. Relationships will suffer. But hey, this energy is just for 72 hours. It's not carved in stone. Midweek, when Halloween actually occurs, is pleasant and the day of the 31st is full of surprises. ("Boo!") Meanwhile, don't say or do anything you'll regret later. (Confessions may be good for the soul but they're bad for your reputation.)

u Aries (March 21-April 19)

You can be very clever using the resources of others this week. In particular, you might see ways to reduce your debt or how to handle something you share with someone in a better way. Relationships will be unusually passionate because you are! In fact, a surprising, unexpected development with a partner or close friend might bring a breath of fresh air into a relationship. Something unusual will occur. Some of you might become involved with someone who is "different." This is an exciting week for all social exchanges and mid-week, your optimism is boundless! Short trips, fun with siblings and witty exchanges with everyone will convince you that you're dazzling!

c Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You're entering one of the most significant times for partnerships and close friendships since 1999. This week in particular you might see ways to improve your closest relationships. (But don't try to improve your partner! Like, duh?) Honest discussions that remove doubt and jealousy will put a relationship back on solid ground. It will be easy to get to the bottom of things and be honest with each other. Expect surprises at work this week - computer crashes, new staff or changed schedules. For some, the surprise might be health-oriented information. What really sweetens the cake, however, is that by Thursday, you hear positive financial news. You might get a better job or boost your earnings or possibly purchase something you love. Yay!

o Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You can make improvements to your health this week, possibly due to a diet change or increased exercise. Whatever you do will bring about fast results. ("Boris, is that you?" "Psst! Natasha, I've been on the Dukan diet.") Surprise flirtations could bring an unexpected romance your way. Others will slip away on a spontaneous vacation or accept invitations to sports events, the arts or playful times with children. Something that is cultural and social will surprise you and quite possibly affect your future goals. Many of you will improve your job, get a better job or improve your work habits this week. All of you will feel especially enthusiastic, upbeat and buoyant on Thursday. ("I'm happeeee!")

s Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This continues to be a playful time for your sign. Romantic partnerships will be powerful, and heart-to-heart discussions will deepen them in a meaningful way. Some of you will see new and better approaches to dealing with children, relating to sports or working with the arts. Many of you will feel more in touch with your creative vibes, which could be why spontaneous parties and social events will occur at home. You might also buy modern art or something avant-garde or high-tech for where you live. (Expect pleasant surprises at home this week.) Whatever unfolds will make you feel quietly happy and content with your world.

m Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Many of you are making improvements at home with renovations, redecorating projects and repairing whatever needs to be fixed. Similarly, you might improve a family relationship by repaying a debt or offering assistance. This is a fascinating week to write, study or communicate with others because you'll discover new information. Something about your daily world is more exciting and stimulating. You're bubbling with inventive ideas and excited about making your home and family more secure for the future. Social outings with females (this could also occur in a group situation) midweek will lift your spirits. It might also encourage you to make a new goal.

a Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Your busy pace continues with short trips, errands and lots of conversations with different people, especially people you haven't seen for a while. Something unexpected might impact your earnings, hopefully in a positive way. A raise, a way to make money on the side, or a new job will give you a lift. Others will be delighted with a spontaneous purchase, especially a high-tech toy that brings stimulating fun. Chaos and tension on the home front are par for the course until December. Be patient. This week you might discover a new way of talking to someone that is more effective. Or you might improve something in your daily environment. Whatever happens, people see you as being very happy this week. (Yes, it's that obvious.)

k Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Isn't it nice that when you give a lot of thought to something, you see ways to improve it? Many of you are making improvements to your financial scene and how you use your money. You're also improving whatever you own either by repairing it or getting better use out of something. This makes you feel more efficient and on top of things. If even boosts your self-image. New relationships and surprise exchanges with others will be exciting and stimulating. You want to break free from humdrum routine. Travel opportunities or chances to explore publishing and higher education might come your way through a female contact. This is an exciting week and you are attacking life with energy!

e Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You will make positive changes in your immediate environment this week. (Especially regarding something you've been putting up with for a while.) You're on an improvement kick with your appearance, your image, your surroundings and even your style of relating to others. (Pretty major.) Needless to say, you're cleaning house! Some of you might begin a secret love affair because something that delights you appears to be behind the scenes or "hidden." You continue to work hard as well as spend lots of money. Fortunately, you can benefit from the wealth and resources of a female contact this week. Gifts, goodies and assistance from others will come your way and this will please you!

g Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You're very busy working behind the scenes at the moment (and busy is definitely the operative word). However, you will be delighted with meeting someone different or unusual this week. Or possibly someone you already know will surprise you. Either way, this will be a stimulating and exciting week! You've got lots of energy to burn and wise Sagittarians are jogging, biking or hitting the gym to blow off some of this extra steam. Relations with a close female friend or partner will be unusually joyful. You are both enthused about something. Because you're revising your opinions about yourself, your belief in yourself is stronger, which brings improvements in practically every area of your life. (Wow.)

q Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You are schmoozing with style this week. In fact, your ability to deal with groups is unusually powerful and effective. People will do your bidding and take your suggestions. This might or might not relate to the fact that you could be flirting with the boss or someone in a position of authority. Something pleasant (and others will notice it as well) will happen to you this week. It might be a surprise promotion or unexpected praise. Things are going particularly well at work because your relations with a female are so positive. You might travel with a female in a work-related capacity. However, you're also pulling strings behind the scenes. This is a positive week for you!

w Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

For various reasons (according to the details of your life) you continue to be high viz. People, especially those in authority, really notice you. That's why it's easy for you to polish and shine your public reputation. Seize opportunities that come your way this week to wield more creative power for good. You might take control and clean up something. You might also have to confront a powerful group or get to the bottom of something you are working on. Surprise opportunities to travel or explore publishing and higher education might fall in your lap. Be patient when dealing with group situations because Mars makes you rather pushy right now. (Ya think?) Nevertheless, creative collaboration with a female will be a positive thing.

i Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Travel opportunities and the chance to explore further training or education can make a difference in your life now. Something could set you in a new direction that brings you benefit. However, this benefit is directly related to how much what you do benefits others. Keep this in mind. Surprise gifts and goodies from others might fall in your lap this week. Physical intimacy will also be exciting and exploratory. (Looks like you'll be singing, "I'm too sexy for my shoes.") Meetings and gatherings at your home will be a positive experience, especially because of the contribution of a friend. Extend invitations to female friends because you'll have a great time, sharing ideas and laughter.

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Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, October 28, 2012 - Weekly Horoscope 28/10/2012

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