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ThE MaStEr

كود PHP:
Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 18 (32/64)

Start minimized with position saved as maximizedrestore -> right panel height may be wrong (64)
Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Error when clicking on "Add" more than 6 times (problem with subclassing of dialog controls) (64)
Button bar: Use same code to get icon for button when adding it via  "Change ****" button as when using drag&dropalso add double quotes  if necessary (32/64)
Multi-rename toolMake Search&Replace groupbox a bit wider than  the name groupboxso the beginning of the "Subst" option is visible by  default (32/64)
F3 on some JPG images opened empty lister on Windows XP, use timer to force refresh (32/64)
Error reading external .dbg files to analyze debug logs sent by users (64)
When adding items to submenu in directory hotlist, use ANSI functions to move entries if the ini is ANSI (32/64)
Closing various dialogs (e.gdate/time choose formcould bring other  programs to the foreground (Lazarus problem not calling inherited form  methods) (64)
Nag screen was resizable (64)
Synchronize dirsDisable button for list of saved settings (and F2) while a comparison is in progress (32/64)
Main menuIncreased distance between command and hotkey a bit when there are no separators (32/64

أقرأ ايضا .. قد يعجبك :

أكتب تعليق على الموضوع مستخدماً حساب الفيس بوك

ضع تعليق باستخدام حساب الفيس بوك

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Experimental Image-dm7025 29-01-2011
The government has said that calls for business secretary Vince Cable to block the proposed takeover of Sky by Rupert Murdoch
سوفتويرات جديدة لل hivion بتاريخ اليوم 09-04-2011
userbouquet.favourites.tv channel list by jav@ 3-4-2013
OpenPLi-Turko v24 DM500s ramiMAHER-rm-8-By meteor
Iranian minister admits to growing popularity of opposition TV
Black Hole VuDuo 1.6.2 Beta Dolby Digital Plus & Subtitles Fix
rambo 0.9.16 update 28-3-2013

ThE MaStEr

- MP4 output for TS-Remuxer (H264,MPEG-Audio,AC3)
- Correct display of PTS timers in the log above 23:59:59.999
- Significantly improved cutting accuracy in MPEG2 and h264
- Fixed a bug when closing the thumbnail view
- New commandline option LOG writes a short log of the processed files
- Check for the destination filename in the batch list, so no destination file name can be used that already exists in the list
- Revised section distribution to multiple files, file names can be changed

File name: TSDoctor Beta Eng 1154.rar File size: 6.4 MB

File name: TSDoctor Beta Fre 1154.rar File size: 6.46 MB

File name: TSDoctor Beta Ger 1154.rar File size: 6.55 MB

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Dreambox Keys 24-08-2011
Dreambox OptiFlasher v1.0.1
Active for Gold ram 8.2 fix 14.08.2011
Cricket biss keys at 7.0°E 7/6/2013
LT9th SP2 for DM800se
ملفات ترددات اوتو ابديت لجميع برامج العرض بتاريخ اليوم 12-05-2012
تحديث يومي - صورة تجريبية - للدريم بوكس DM8000 - experimental - dm8000
TVONE biss keys 26-6-2014

ThE MaStEr

Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 19 (32/64)

Added: Include both new unrar.dll for Windows 2000 or newer, and unrar9x.dll for older Windows versions (32)
Fixed: Compare by content, rename file: Select only file name if RenameSelOnlyName=1 is set (32/64)
Fixed: Compare by content, files > 1MB: Open file with "deny write" option to avoid problem with file mapping (32/64)
Fixed: Prevent floating point exception (without using try..catch) in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
Fixed: Directory hotlist, add directory to submenu: Handle also malformed menus with more closing markers '--' than opening markers '-menuname' (32/64)
Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not open inplace rename edit box when user clicks on the other side of the same line while already renaming (32/64)
Fixed: Delete empty lines at the end of a tooltip (32/64)
Fixed: Small error in word wrap function used in tooltips causing word wraps at unwanted locations (32/64)
Added: Searching with search list in "Search in" field (e.g. @c:\path\searchfile.txt) now also accepts wildcards and regular expressions (32/64)
Added: FTPS: Support encrypted data connections even after CCC command (clear command connection) (32/64)
Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Rename file by click on current file not working when files were hidden with the arrow buttons above that position (32/64)
Fixed: Memory leak when searching with regular expressions (32/64)
Added: Also show harddisks attached vie firewire/IEEE1394 as external drives (32/64)
Fixed: Do not follow links when searching, copying etc. if the target cannot be determined due to missing user rights (32/64)
Fixed: Could not unpack from header-encrypted RAR when using wildcards other than *.* (32/64)
Fixed: Increased default width of multi-rename tool a bit (32/64)
Fixed: Synchronize dirs: File disappeared from list when renaming it with DrivesExportUpcase=1 and DrivesShowUpcase not set (or 0) (32/64)
Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Some strings were missing in English version (64)
Fixed: Crash in standalone sync when closing rename box with ESC (32/64)
Fixed: Moving cursor over main menu item while TC was in background -> other menu items would disappear (64)

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PredMaker Version 2.5 - TechSat Team
القنوات الناقلة للمصارعة بتاريخ اليوم 10-5-2013 - فيدات ناقلة للمصارعة
تحميل سوفتوير السترونج SRT4902 الاصدار 135p
تحميل سكين elegance.HD CVS
SRTV biss keys 4/11/2013
black-rami only Black Hole
FE Keyfile 05.10.2011

ThE MaStEr

1.1.59 February 15, 2012

- Fixed problems opening of m2ts (192) files
- Support for the CyberLink demuxer removed, because it's incompatible to the I-Frame detection filter
- In the cutting form the button "i" can be used to jump one I-Frame forward and shift & "i" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "f" can be used to jump one frame forward and shift & "f" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "s" can be used to jump one second forward and shift & "s" to jump backward
- In the cutting form the button "m" can be used to jump one minute forward and shift & "m" to jump backward
- Possibility to use a marker to divide an area into two areas
- Markers are now rounded to the frame
interval time




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ملف قنوات ومفضلة للدريم بوكس 800 بتاريخ 03-11-2011
NEW SKIN- BlackWhite-HD-Skin-Merdas-V19
Last Data Full For All Cristor 26.03.2012
تحميل سوفتوير السترونج SRT4920 الاصدار p131 اضافة دعم 3G
تحميل سكين Fenris HD 1.3.3
مراسل مصراوي اعتدوا عليّ لتصويري 3 بلطجية يضربون الثوار بالخرطوش 4/5/2012
SifTeam Extreme Edition rev.178_500hd
المصارعة بتاريخ اليوم 25/10/2012 - فيدات ناقلة للمصارعة 2012 - قنوات ناقلة للمصارعه 2012

ThE MaStEr

Release Total Commander 7.57 final

Fixed: Backported translation changes from TC 8 beta
Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too
Fixed: Changed product version of installer and main program to 7.60 (instead of 7.57, used for file version) to avoid Windows 8 compatibility warning
Fixed: Checked all code changes since TC 7.56a for potential problems (using compare by content)
Fixed: Removed code trying to show directories in F3 (was only partially backported to TC 7.57 and didn't work properly)
Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside)

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ملف قنوات دريم بوكس 800 بتاريخ 20-4-2013 , 20/4/2013 CYRUS Setting E2
ملف قنوات ومفضلة للدريم بوكس 500 بتاريخ اليوم 23-08-2011
v_keys 02.12.2011
CCcam Channelinfo 15-08-2011
GP3 Release 3.2.3 dm800se 19-10-2012 #ssl87F
Infosat Communications Enhances VSAT Network With iDirect’s Evolution Platform,
SifTeam dm800se 14-09-2012 #ssl87F
مفاتيح دريم بوكس 11-10-2013 - Dreambox keys 11/10/2013

ThE MaStEr

Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 21 (32/64)

-Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too (32/64)
-Fixed: Main menu with themes turned off: Use colors COLOR_MENUTEXT and COLOR_MENUBAR instead of button colors for owner-drawn menu (flat menus only) (64)
-Fixed: Start tcmadmin.exe with "runas" verb on Vista and newer to ensure that it's loaded with admin rights (32/64)
-Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside) (32/64)
-Fixed: Lister started with zero width/height if the user didn't save the size in older beta versions (64)
-Fixed: Clear USB HDD detection cache only when receiving volume arrival or removal notifications, not on any WM_DEVICECHANGE (32/64)



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Chellomedia launches Sport1 live on iPad
Syfy Gears Up For Branded Apparel, Accessories Line
Lastest Drivers for DM 800 10-02-2012
بلجن Barry Allen 8.1 - اصدار جديد Barry Allen 8.1 - Barry Allen 8.1
CCcam Channels Info 2/2/2014
LT6½ OE1.6 for DM500HD SP5 - LT revision 3520
Oscam6010+CCcam213 for Blackhole Image
Drivers for VU+ Ultimo 25/1/2013 - درايفر VU+ Ultimo بتاريخ 25/1/2013

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