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Daily horoscope today Tuesday 2-9-2014

  • Dreambox-Sat

  • Daily horoscope today Tuesday 2-9-2014
    Dreambox horoscope 9 September 2014

    September 2, 2014 will continue the trend-setting tendency for Aries’ work week. Energetic starts tied to equipment, programming, marketing and stage performances as well as personal business will yield very good result. If you decided to take a break, the beginning of your vacation will be quite impressive as well.

    Taurus’ personal ownership (house, business) will become a zone of potential tension. You may face the consequences of bad renovations, equipment malfunctioning, etc. A human factor may also come into play: you may experiences difficulties with your constant partner, kids, and assistants.

    Gemini may end up going on an unexpected urgent trip today. Moreover, the likelihood of getting into a trouble while on the road is quite high. As a result, you may be late to work or waste your time. You shouldn’t start driving lessons or get engaged in technical work.

    This is a good moment to move up to new levels, especially when it comes to Cancer’s financial, professional and technical achievements. The Crabs may decide to drastically alter their current budget and re-evaluate their key sources of revenue and liabilities.

    Leo’s driving force today is its thirst for novelty and active personal self-expression. The Lions can go ahead and show initiative in sport, business, technology, and programming. Don’t be stubborn; avoid risky operations with real estate and be sure to observe safety rules.

    Virgo’s desire to change something or take on a completely new project may be getting stronger by the minute today. If you are a risky person, stars suggest you should give in to your inner impulse, but never lose sight of possible problems and prepare thoroughly for the future.

    Sociable Libra will find itself involved in another adventure organized by one of its confederates. This is a good day for promoting a unique creative or technical product, especially if it is its experimental version, as well as for extreme entertainment. You may make new friends.

    Life doesn’t stand still and stars insist Scorpio should change with it. September 2, 2014 is a good day for changes in business, professional activities and the ways in which you express yourself. Revolutionary changes will cost the Scorpions some sacrifices and stress; but this is the only way.

    Today’s circumstances add to Sagittarius’ optimism and can even provoke it to some bold reckless move. Be careful: despite good luck, you are running the risk of getting right into a hidden trap. The most carefree Archers are in danger of stepping on the same rake for the tenth time!

    This is not the time for thoughtless moves. Before acting, make sure you are walking the safe path. Capricorn’s long-term projects may be threatened; The Goats’ home lifestyle, their business and health may be in danger, too. There may be some problems in your intimate life.

    Aquarius should be cautious when interacting with people. You may face aggressive and stubborn individuals today whose principles are drastically different from yours. If you have rivals, they can start their charge without observing any rules.

    This is the day of innovations; however, their implementation can be quite problematic. You may have to master new equipment or work with new advanced software. If Pisces is an innovator, it should be ready to deal with the reservations of more conservative colleagues and management.

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