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Daily Horoscope Thursday 28 August 2014

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  • Daily Horoscope Thursday 28 August 2014
    Daily Horoscope Thursday 28/8/2014

    Aries should start a new chapter of its life with gathering information. This is the day of meetings, new acquaintances, flirting and gossiping. You may be receiving controversial information and it may be quite hard to isolate a grain of truth from it. Trips may be accompanied by amusing moments, coincidences and confusion. You may even fall in love at first sight.

    The day is good for buying make up, perfume, gifts, beautiful clothes and computer accessories. When making a choice your forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, naivete and lack of confidence may cause you a number of troubles. If the Bulls are in doubt, they should not listen to any questionable advice.

    The Twins are sociable, light on their feet and look fantastic. Charming Gemini ladies can safely claim the title of a style icon in their immediate social circle. Today you may feel a strong desire of new life which can be coupled with sudden love flame, change of image, creative aspirations and itch for change of scenery.

    Impressionable Crabs feel strongly interested in mysteries, suspicions and intrigues. You may need new alternative opinions and might want to compare facts and options. You may spend all day looking for additional information on the subject of your interest.

    is ready for new deeds; the important thing is to start off in the right sequence. It is dangerous to abruptly change your life style, country of residence or a professional status. Before you dive into things head first, spend some time observing others in a similar situation.


    Doubts and concerns may follow Virgo no matter where it goes today. Stars state this is quite normal for the Virgins and only proves their sober approach to matters. It would be much worse if you were doing nothing and simply ignoring the signs of danger.


    August 28, 2014 is the day of good luck and enjoyable communication. Libra ladies will hear lots of exquisite compliments and turn many heads. Success is to be expected in everything you are currently involved in. You may get good news from afar or an intriguing proposal.


    may find itself in a new environment or set another difficult goal for itself. Before acting on it, evaluate your surroundings. This is a wonderful day to adapt to a new environment. Don’t make any loud statements and don’t be too serious, stubborn and reserved.


    Today’s enjoyable atmosphere will remind Sagittarius of its past carefree days. The Archers may look forward to interesting dialogues and new contacts; a sudden romantic acquaintance is possible today. However, you may also run into hypocrisy, lies and intrigues.


    is guaranteed surprising turns of events, interesting information, new acquaintances. Quite an attractive person may appear among your colleagues. You may communicate online. Your work or medical treatment efficiency will largely depend on your ability to support an enjoyable conversation.


    Today’s atmosphere promotes communication, meeting new people and small talk. You’ll find your interlocutor’s mysteriousness extremely attractive. It is not advisable for Aquarius to be involved in labour-intensive activities like physical labour, intricate calculations, generating reports.

    Pisces’ behavior and feelings are characterized by flexibility, many-sidedness and changeability. The Fishes may be drawn to intrigues. On August 28, 2014 superficial circumstances like uneasy atmosphere at home can make you hide the truth or change faces.

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