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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 26 August 2014

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  • Daily Horoscope Tuesday 26 August 2014
    Daily Horoscope Tuesday 26/8/2014 - Aries
    This is not a bad day for Aries to make acquisitions. This is a good moment to rethink your values, work with your investments and savings; you may also be craving some home-made food. Now is not the time to drastically change your sources of income, eating habits or payment arrangements.

    On August 26, 2014 Taurus may rest easy when it comes to its current affairs. The Bulls’ needs will be satisfied and their wishes realized – one way or another. You may count on your friends and relatives’ support – they will gladly offer you their compassion.

    This is a good day for Gemini to work with finances and material values. Your bank account may get some funds deposited to it. Try to increase the savings for a rainy day – this is quite relevant for you right now. Many Twins will be able to get secret moral support or free financial help.

    On this serene day Cancer’s mood and physical well-being will stabilize. You will be positively affected by the absence of rush, open hostility and additional loads. You may gradually lose interest in your former goals.

    Today Leo is focused on everything that has to do with income generation and professional growth as well as money, connections and energy for a final push. No matter what you do, pay attention to a practical side of things and evaluate real perspectives.

    Today will give Virgo optimism, serenity and confidence in tomorrow’s day. Relax and let events take their course. This is the day of external and internal harmony which can result in laziness, passiveness and sleepiness.

    Libra’s interest in luxurious items, prestigious clothing brands and exquisite cuisine will be quite natural today. Your personal resources may not be enough to have your wishes come true, but there is a way. You can make successful purchases in credit, solidify great partnership deals or take advantage of sales and discounts.

    Scorpio is not recommended to take any responsibilities today. The more important your upcoming project is, the more urgently the stars suggest you should take a short break. Your spouse or a business partner may become your support and encouragement.

    Don’t have your head in the clouds and don’t get too carried away with mercantile calculations. Spiritual and material values are tightly intertwined today – make sure to create a proper balance between them. This is a good day for those of you who want to repay debt and lay a solid foundation for future success.

    Today it is hard for Capricorn to choose the right vector for its actions. Take a break and stay in an energy-saving mode for a while. This day will let the Goats relax, enjoy life and improve their self-esteem.

    Laziness may become your loyal companion on August 26, 2014. It is up to Aquarius to decide what to do with it. Forceful methods don’t work today. The statement that labour turned a monkey into human will hardly have any effect, either.

    Pisces will satisfy its thirst for luxury and comfort without any reservation. You will instinctively feel your right for it. It will be hard for you to refrain from extravagant moves while visiting with someone, when on the road or with interesting people.

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