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Daily Horoscope Monday 25 August 2014

  • Dreambox-Sat

  • Daily Horoscope Monday 25 August 2014
    Daily Horoscope Monday 25/8/2014

    mydreambox - Aries
    Aries’ behavior may be destructive all day long. During this time the likelihood of physical and psychological injuries is quite high. In order to avoid troubles, exercise complete self-control and don’t act under the influence of immediate whims. The material side of life may ask for your full attention in the evening.

    Positive changes are to be expected at the end of the day. The evening will help Taurus get rid of excessive nervousness and regain its inner balance. The Bulls born in April will be more actively involved in the affairs and able to have a direct impact on the events.

    Daytime hours will put some pressure either on Gemini or its friends. You may be very worried about the success of some project. In the evening it will be good for you to step away from all the business of your life and return home to spend the remainder of the day in a cozy family environment.

    The situation will stay tense in the morning and afternoon of August 25, 2014. Stars suggest the Crabs born mid-July should not take any chances and be extra careful no matter what they do. The probability of injuries, conflicts and farce-majeure situations will linger until the evening. You’ll regain your inner harmony at the end of the day.

    On the surface everything looks simply wonderful, but inside Leo may feel troubled. The Lions may be haunted by bad memories, remorse, fear or shame. Your interaction with people from afar may leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

    The daytime hours are marked with negative emotions and their escalations. Virgo should do everything possible to resist them –it hardly needs to lose its mind today. Wait for the evening to come – you will be able to regain your ability to think logically.

    This is not the best day for peace talks and joint activity. If a conflict has ripened between you and someone else, don’t resort to mutual abuse and other unsightly gestures. Libra should choose the evening for discussing financial and property-related matters.

    Today’s events drop Scorpio a hint indicating that its previous tactics has exhausted itself. You may have to change methods, tools, assistants, transport, etc. If a decision must be taken today, think it through in the evening.

    Today will hardly start with a victorious thunder of fanfares. Sagittarius may fail on the love front, lose in a competition or experience some other ego-damaging event. Stars are confident your troubles are short-lived and you’ll be able to put things right, but some other day.

    The simplest way to avoid problems is for Capricorn to climb under the blanket and sleep till the evening. At the end of the day the barometer of your life will show “fair” (or at least “relatively cloudy”). This is exactly when you’ll find the right words to express your emotions and people around you will be able to hear what you have to say.

    In the morning and early afternoon of August 25, 2014 the likelihood of emergencies is quite high and some of these turbulent moments can be involuntarily created by the Water Bearers themselves. There may be some issues with equipment, transport, providing urgent care.

    All day long Pisces will be dealing with a financial side of life. However, the way you view this sphere of your life may change 180 degrees in the course of the day. While it will be easy for you to produce money out of your wallet in the morning, in the evening you’ll think twice before parting with your hard-earned money.

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