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الاصدار الجديد من برنامج DVBViewer 4.9.6 بتاريخ اليوم 08-04-2012

  • samehfr

  • DVBViewer 4.9.6

    Version history:
    We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 4.9.6 today.
    The changelog:
    Fix:CustomRenderer:Accessing the DVD menu with the mouse now works with custom EVR andVMR9.
    Fix:MainWindow:Hiding the symbols/status/menu bar changed the aspect ratio of the playback.
    Fix:File/TimeshiftPlayback:Fixed problems with playback from file and UAC.
    Fix:Options-> Mosaic Preview:After changing the decoder the DVBViewer had to be restarted for thechange to take effect. Now you only need to deactivate andreactivate the mosaic preview (if it is active).
    Improved:MosaicPreview:Compatibility improvements with video decoders and DXVA. Image quality slightly improved and the change frequency increased.
    Fix:MosaicPreview:Fixed a bug in the mosaic preview which could crash the DVBViewer under certain circumstances.
    Change:Writing of the infofile ofrecordings has been optimized.
    Fix:EPG:The Chinese charset Big5 was incorrectly converted.
    Fix:Start:Script error message on startup fixed.
    Change:Channels.dat:While reading the channels.dat there now is a check if thetransponder frequency is in khz and it will be accordingly adjusted.
    Change:Changed the initialization of the D3D devices of the customrenderers alittle bit to prevent problems on some systems after standby.
    Fix:Recordings:Refreshing the recording data from the file info had problems with summer/winter time calculations.
    Fix:BDA-Devices- KNC One:The KNC DLL was initialized wrongly.
    Add:DVBViewerPro Update Notice:If a new DVBViewer Version is available a message will be displayedin the menu -> Help -> Info window and in OSD -> System ->Info.
    Fix:OSD/Videos:If more than one DVD drive existed the title of a previous DVD drivewas copied to the following empty DVD drives.
    Change:DVDOptions:The custom renderer check box has been removed. This setting canonly be changed on the DirectX options page.
    Fix:VCR:Fixed a potential overflow in "Adjust PAT/PMT" function.
    FixChannelEditor:The audio language of an subchannel couldn't be changed.
    Fix:Hardware:Detection of dLAN devices corrected.
    Fix:UnicastDevices:Channel search with unicast devices now works for "slow tuning"DVB hardware in the Recording Service.
    Fix:InputOptions:Fixed multiple warning message boxes were shown if the remote hadauto repeat.
    Change:Recordings:Remove filler data for H264 now defaults to active.
    Change:Timeshift:Remove filler data for H264 now defaults to active.
    Change:MainWindow:If there is no playback active at all, the status bar now shows "No Playback" instead of "Standby".
    Change:LanguageFiles:Translations for the weather forecast are now prefixed by"weather.".
    Removed:LanguageFiles:Video Recorder Plugin removed from the language files and the defaults.
    Update:Updated to Version 3.6.2 of the DVBSource filter.
    Update:Updated language files.
    Update:Updated sqlite DLL.
    Severalsmall fixes and optimizations. 

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    DVBViewer 4.9.6

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