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FashionTV partners with Google TV Ads

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  • FashionTV partners with Google TV Ads
    By Robert Briel
    Published: November 8, 2010 11.44 Europe/London

    FashionTV (FTV) has announced it will partner with Google TV Ads to make its cable advertising time available through Google’s TV Ads platform. FashionTV, the international fashion & lifestyle channel reaching 350 million homes worldwide is looking to expand its reach to a wider range of advertisers, including those that are new to the medium.

    Advertisers that use the Google TV Ads platform will be able to reach the audience of FashionTV. They can also gain access to data since the platform reports data from millions of set-top-boxes that return anonymous data from their subscribers, allowing advertisers to measure viewership of their ads. With this data, advertisers can better understand what consumers are responding to and adjust their campaigns to maximize the return on their TV ad investments. Google’s digital platform built into the AdWords system also makes it easier for advertisers to find relevant programming through its keyword and audience search functionality.

    “FashionTV has the wealthiest and most upscale audience that is otherwise hard to reach for many advertisers. We are pleased to have Google as our partner and we are certain that its involvement will help us gain more clients and will help our advertisers to learn more about our audience” said Orna Gusinski, senior vice president of FashionTV, in a statement

    With Google’s auction-based pricing system, advertisers only pay for impressions delivered. FashionTV joins Google TV Ads’ growing list of inventory, which also includes DISH Network, DirecTV, Bloomberg TV, and History International, among others.

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