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SVDownloader v4.21

  • ThE MaStEr

  • SVDownloader v4.21

    Compatible with VuPlus, Dreambox e AZ-Box Enigma2
    Italian - English - Francais  
    SVDownloader and' a plugin for Enigma2 to unload the Settingses from various sources without cancelling your preferred categories.  
    To insert the file of the Plugin in formed. tgz or. tar.gz in the briefcase / tmp / of your decoder. To install him/it through the option of manual installation of the pluginses.  
    For the one that covering images Black Hole, is able' to directly unload him/it from panel Addons.  
    When you start the plugin, you will have to choose the type of settings that you want to install and to select if you want to maintain some preferred ones.  
    You press then the Blue button to unload the settingses.  
    In case, it will come' asked what category you want to maintain, dopodiche' the new settingses will be unloaded and installed.  
    If you have selected the option Selection, it will come' also asked what set of satellites you want to unload. The plugin will filter' all the categories eliminating the channels doesn't introduce in your set.  
    You can also create from zero a category DVB-T ordered through LCN and organized with separators configurabili through the file separators.cfg.  
    Preceding versions:  
    1.1 - first version (Beta)  
    1.2 - test of implementation of the inside unzip. Postponed for other motives  
    1.3 - systematized green screen during the download of the Settingses Cyrus for Rotor  
         - Systematized the download of the Bouquet when in the change of the source of the feedbacks  
         - Implemented the auto Reload of the Settingses  
    2.0 - addition option Selection. You can select every type of set of satellites.  
         - Systematized the cases of crash of the pulsating Version  
    2.1 - adds the Settingses of Onopkos  
    3.0 - support for translations (English, Italian)  
         - Removal of a possible category DVBT with the same name  
         - About (Key Help)  
         - It creates a briefcase DVBT ordered through LCN  
    3.01 - systematized some in relief crashes during the installation of the new settingses  
    3.1 - trained multiple rescue of categories (DVBS/S2 and DVBT)  
         - Control on the presence of services DVBT before the scanning LCN  
    4.0 - Core of the plugin completely riscritto in C++, optimized algorithms and adjourned  
         - You can maintain whatever type of category (DVB-S/T/C)  
         - Timer for the automatic download of the settingses. To press the key Menu to enter the Menu of the Timer  
         - Installation of the Settingses also from file specified by the consumer  
         - Systematized the problem with the Menu Extensions or the auto Update on the Dreamboxes  
         - Not and' more' necessary the python-zlib  
         - Fix in the key Reloads  
         - Adds the viewer for the log of the timer  
         - Smaller Fix of the GUI  
    4.1 - assistant Settings VHannibal and Corvone  
         - Translation in German (by blu8)  
    4.2 - Fix in the settingses Cyrus  
         - Assistant Parental Lock with invisible bouquet  
         - Fix in the filtration of some satellites in Selection  
    4.21 - Fix to the filter satellites:  
                 - All the channels you don't introduce in the selected satellites they come completely I removed (any residual)  
                 - Implemented filter Radio  
             - Adjourned translation  
             - Parental Lock disabled for problems of updating  
    A thanks to:  
    Black Hole Team  
    Betatesters and all the SettingMens
    by dalraist

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