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Commando 14.5 DM500 Release

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    Here we go then, with yet another Commando release for DM500S
    Actually, it should also work on DM500C boxes,too, if you pop your own local cables.xml file into /var/etc
    Okay, what has changed since the October 2011 Commando 14.4 release? Let's take a look...
    Sadly, Rytec online 2 Day EPG has been removed. LraiZer reports that the downloaded tarball, when unzipped into /tmp - has now grown so phat, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. In other words- the box crashes, through memory issues...
    We're not saying Rytec EPG is gone forever, as Laz has said he will look at alternative ways of handling this data in the future, possibly by doing it on a file by file basis, along the lines that his RadioTimes online EPG works. Anyone got a fast (and FREE) host server we could use for this future dev, pleeeze?
    What's new then?
    GetEPG by LraiZer. Up to 7 Days EPG direct from the sat stream, so it works even if your box isn't online. This has been made the default EPG mode, and WILL kick in 60 seconds after you've flashed C14.5 - just so you can see how it works. Sit back and enjoy the show, LOL! Yes, we know we're control freaks...
    Don't worry, you can easily change the EPG source settings after, via a quick BLUE > BLUE key sequence, where you will find our very user-friendly and dynamic Commando EPG Wizard menus.
    GetEPG is fully-compatible (apparently, so Laz says) with the DreamboxUK Database as well. Wooo! And the SgtFlipFlop variety, if you first load them, and then do a 'Scan / Update'.
    German language By popular request from our German freunde, we have added Deutsch sprache support, including all the Extra code that Commando contains. But please remember, we have a 4.0MB JFFS2 var partition, which leaves no room for the usual /var_init folder normally found E1 in root SquashFS.
    Our release is by default a 7.75MB mtd3 Flash w/o Bootloader format for the UK, meaning that you will not see the LANGUAGE prompt at first boot, like you may expect.
    To switch Language to Deutsch: Menu > Settings > OSD > Language > deutsch
    And for you UK users that find yourself in German and don't know how to get back to English (I did this in 2004 in Zg0re Balu from Polish, fcs): Menu > 3 > 6 > Red > english
    Sorry, but our Blue > Blue EPG shell menu for 28.2ºE is English only...
    Satellites: Resulting from feedback, requests, and testing from our cousins in North America, Canada, and Australia, we have added the sats for these regions, thanks to (the aptly-named) Satsearching on here.
    Picons: thanks to LraiZer's genius graphical skills, working with only the 16 base colours that are allowed in Neutrino, we proudly present a picons in the Infobar package of over 330 items, most of them with a nice '3D feel' to them, as well... Awesome! 84 of these are symlinks, for Regional and +1 channels, to save some space.
    But he has really pushed the boat out with this package, including the very latesr logo designs from all of the providers. Eye-bleeding pixel-level work- stunning results- thanks, Laz!
    TuxText: Yes- by popular request, this plugin is now embedded in the root partition and fully working. This means sub-titles too, for your audibly disadvantaged visitors,..
    Services - Bouquets - EPG Channel Maps
    Yes, it's all fresh and bang up to date. Don't even think about asking if Sly Sports F1 is in there, regarding Bouquets and Picon and EPG. Naturally, you'll need to be a Sly subsciber to Sly Sports and/or Sly HD in order to actually watch this channel
    Driver support: It seems the latest cheapo clones out of China are shaving pennies off their price, by using a shite Philips tuner. Users are suffering glitching with these units...
    We have a new feature in BLUE > MENU > YELLOW > YELLOW (System Info) that identifies which tuner you have. If it's a Philips, then we have no solution for this problem, sorry. If it says Alps-S - then you're laughing.
    You can try other head.ko drivers one by one in: /var/driver and reboot. LraiZer has protected this, by detecting if the driver you are testing is the infamous Gemini 'Clone Bomb' driver. So don't worry- your box will NOT become a door stop...
    Regional Channels: default services and bouquets are by LraiZer (as always) and are for the North West, even though we happen to know he lives down in Somerset.
    For useful tips on how to customize your C14.5 reflash to YOUR local area, please look at:/var/etc/regional_channels.txt for some time-saving hints 'n tips. Either by FTP view, or in Tuxbox Commander, where the doc is easily readable.
    As always, the image is FTA-only and contains no softcams, keys, etc. For Telnet and FTP access, user is root and there is no password (although FTP will need at least one character for the password field).
    For previous versions history, please see this thread

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    سوفتكام اليوم 8/4/2014 Softcam keys

    Lcd4linux-plugin r1 22.12

    Ferrari-SSL80F-LT.Sixth.and.a.half.5-DM500HD - LT revision 3520

    Multics Manager v1.1 for windows

    F1# revs up for H#D

    Sky Anytime+ coming next week

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