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Gemini3 0.48-r7

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  • Gemini3 0.48-r7

    We recommend a current release of DMM or ICVS image.
    Who should use a different image in case of problems please contact the relevant people.
    Most functions can be found in the Gemini-Wiki.
    How do you get the Gemini3 on his boxing is here.

    Function Buttons:
    * Blue Gemini Plugin - Blue Panel
    * The remaining buttons can be freely assigned with our Quick button function

    * If the GeminiCache is moved, the plugin creates a symlink in "/ home / root".

    Fixes and updates:
    * Minor internal fixes
    * Simultaneous Update for GeminiTools
    * Fix for Kernel Modules Addon


    * Dutch (thx @ Bschaar)
    * Polish (thx @ zbigzbig20)

    Respect for Skinner:
    * no


    * Addon and Plugin Server
    * Cryptinfos the transmitter (assuming GeminiPlugin enabled skin)
    * Manager to manage many daemons / server (BP-> daemon)
    * Visual improvements such as HD-Skin, additional icons (GeminiPlugin ready skins can be recharged in the BP.)
    * Manager for formatting, setting up or integration of devices (BP-> Device Manager)
    * Own apps for example Dreamnetcast, eTorrent, NFS server, just to name a few
    * Detailed information about your Dreambox (BP-> Information)
    * EPG Search (BP -> Extensions -> EPG search)
    * File Manager, a lot of formats, regardless of whether images, footage, Torrents, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)


    If the Gemini3 been updated, please restart enigma ever again.
    Anyone who installs the plugin or the NFS GeminiTools / changed please re-start the box.

    It is recommended Picon, outsource EPG-Cache-Cache and the Gemini on a medium and not to leave it in Flash.

    This plugin does not contain any keys or keys.
    Backups or other modified Images are not
    and we will not be supported!

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