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Multi QuickButton für VU+ Solo/Duo Version 2.7.1

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  • Multi QuickButton für VU+ Solo/Duo Version 2.7.1

    Here, the Multi Quickbutton plugin is adapted for the VU + Solo / Duo boxes.

    The plugin is basically the multi Quick Button by emanuel the CLI team with adjustments to the VU + including the integration of a two user wishes were put here on the board.
    Among other things, with this version, the behavior of the Control Pad to change the channel surfing (eg up / down for Kanalzap + / Kanalzap), which may possibly serve as an alternative to the Pauli plugin. For more suggestions, I am of course always have a great smile or even what everybody can do it.

    The key behavior of installed plugins is due to the multi Quickbutton plugin not changed (I've installed far from all plugins but I can currently find no wrongdoing).

    Who will use this version of the multi Quickbutton must its installed version (if any) before uninstalling.

    Changes from the original plug-in:

    * Integration of keys: Home, End, Canal +, Canal -, <,>, Up, Down, Left, Right
    * Removal of Dreamboxtasten are not on the VU + boxes are available
    * Adaptation of the menu buttons at the VU +
    * Adaptation of the terms of the available key functions
    * Removal of non-available key functions
    Back * Integration of key functions: Sleep Timer, Timer, Senderzap +, Senderzap - Listensenderzap +, Listensenderzap - Open List Service, History Zap, Zap History ago
    * Removal of the code for the Blue panel of the Gemini project
    * Change the version number from 2.7 to 2.7.x
    * Change of the plugin name in: multi quick button-vu
    * Standard for yellow button: Start Timeshift
    * Standard for red button: See timer list


    * 2010-08-28
    Release Version 2.7.1

    THX to emanuel

    من مواضيعى فى المنتدى

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